MGA Controls has successfully introduced its range of Swing Check Valves into the UK water industry. MGA represents a brand of Swing Check Valves called Val-Matic. Val-Matic are leaders in innovation and technical expertise for valves in water and wastewater applications.

Val-Matic swing check valves are different from the average weight and lever check valves available as standard in the UK market. These check valves have no weights or levers, and only one moving part, contained within the valve. Therefore, maintenance and replacement of the valves is significantly reduced, and safety is enhanced.

Furthermore, Val-Matic SwingFlex Check Valves are non-clog by design and non-slam by design. The swing check valves have an unrestricted 100% flow area, smooth streamlined body contouring and the simplicity of one moving part allowing passage of large solids, minimising the potential for clogging. Non-slam is achieved by utilising a “Short Disc Stroke” (35 degree stroke) in conjunction with the unique “Memory Flex action” of the valve’s disc. This reduces potentially destructive water hammer.

Val-Matic’s Swing Check valves are unique in the market-place; their patented design is innovative and truly adds value to water and wastewater applications.

For more information on our range of Swing Check Valves, or for specific information relevant to your unique application, please phone our technical team on +44 (0) 870 803 2001 – we have plenty of case studies which we can offer you.