Only one real cause exists for slamming check valves – reverse flow! The impact of the reverse flow is direct and proportional, the faster the reverse flow, the more violent the slam. If reverse flow through the check valve is allowed to develop, the reverse flow will slam the disc into the seat and create a loud water hammer or surge.
Now there is a uniquely patented solution to resolve this problem in the form of the Val-matic SURGEBUSTER!

The Surgebuster swing check valve achieves rapid valve closure through a short disc stroke of 35 deg with an adjustable disc accelerator. This short disc stroke is less than half the stroke deployed in a conventional swing check valve. The disc accelerator is a precision formed stainless steel mechanism that closes the valve disc rapidly and thereby avoids slamming caused by flow reversal whilst at the same time allowing the disc to be stabilised under flow conditions. The accelerator is fully enclosed within the valve and completely out of the flow path.

The Surgebuster deploys a unique patented technology to provide fast closure. It prevents both slam and the resultant surge without obstructing flow or the need for maintenance. Val-matic is so confident in the Surgebusters non- slam performance that they guarantee the valve will outperform any air cushion swing check valve with weight and lever.

For more information on the Val-Matic Surgebuster swing check valve, please click on the link. Alternatively, please call our technical team on +44 (0) 870 803 2001.