The Val-Matic Swing-Flex™ resilient hinge check valve supplied exclusively by MGA Controls, has now passed extensive trials at a UK based major water company. The Swing-Flex™ NRV’s were installed to replace the standard ball check valves supplied with the RAM pump used to remove sludge from PST’s. This was to assist with the long standing problems of clearing blockages within the ball checks and regular PST downtime.

Results from the Swing-Flex™ Check Valve

Val-Matic Swing-Flex check valve on site at Derby

The NRV has now been installed for 19 months and to date under normal operating conditions the valve has been completely clog free. MGA Controls are now pleased to share the results with you:

  • Valve installed 26.9.12
  • Cycle rate approximately 20 cycles per minute, approx. 45% duty cycle
  • Total No. of Cycles to-date 7.3 Million

The outcome of the trial was that the valves have remained clog-free and maintenance-free since installation.

Val-Matic Resilient Hinge Check Valve now approved

The Val-Matic Resilient Hinge Check Valve otherwise know as Swing-Flex™ is now approved for use throughout major UK water company’s.


The products have featured heavily on trials throughout major water companies in the UK & over many years within other geographical territories, so you can be assured of their quality.

  • MGA Controls are an official supplier for Severn Trent.
  • Wessex Water are supplied under a framework agreement.
  • Yorkshire Water & Thames Water have also now approved the valves for use.

WIMES approved

The Resilient Hinge Check Valve now features in WIMES 8.09 and is available with WRAS approved materials for clean water applications. The products will also assist with the move into the next AMP 6 period and working towards TOTEX due to the low maintenance and low energy characteristics of the valve.

Features & Benefits of Val-Matic Swing-flex™

Swing-Flex Check Valve

  • Clog & Maintenance free
  • Vertical & horizontal flow of unscreened sewage
  • Ideal for Sewerage For Adoption pumping station
  • 100% flow area for handling large solids & rags
  • Drop-tight O-ring seal preventing back-flow
  • Fast acting 35⁰ stroke closing in around 0.5 secs or 0.2 – 0.3 secs for Surgebuster
  • No weights, Levers & Guards required
  • Half the head loss of a typical swing check valve with weight & lever
  • Reduced energy and Carbon saving
  • 25 year guarantee on the hinge

Watch: Jason Dean MGA Controls technical expert discuss these products further at the recent Pump Centre Conference