At MGA Controls, we supply many different types of solenoid valves, including a comprehensive range of ICO4S, ICO3S and ICO2S solenoid-operated valves from IMI Maxseal. Maxseal is a tried and tested manufacturer of solenoid valves from the IMI Precision Engineering family. They provide quality stainless steel solenoid valves, designed and manufactured with reliability and durability in mind. 

Maxseal valves are renowned for performing extraordinarily well in hazardous environments and have been installed in plants all over the world. In this article, we will discuss the range of Maxseal solenoid valves supplied here at MGA Controls.

Maxseal ICO4S valves

The ICO4S Maxseal solenoid operated valve is a market leading product, offering the Offshore and Petrochemical industries a reliable component suited to heavy-duty applications. The Maxseal ICO4S valve range includes 2 and 5-port configurations, as well as the ICO4N variant for specific applications.

Maxseal ICO4S Valves

Maxseal’s ICO4S solenoid-operated valve is a market-leading product, offering the offshore and petrochemical industries a reliable component that is suited to heavy-duty applications. The Maxseal ICO4S valve range includes 2/2, 3/2 and 5/2-way port configurations, as well as the ICO4N variant for specific applications.

ICO4S features

  • Stainless steel 316L body with other material available on request
  • Up to 414 bar inlet pressure
  • ATEX EEx d IIC T6 as standard
  • 2/2, 3/2 and 5/2-way options
  • 1/4″ & 1/2″ G or NPT connections
  • Intrinsically safe (Zone 0) option available
  • Various voltage options available

Maxseal ICO4S valve

Maxseal ICO3S

The ICO3S series is a direct poppet valve, predominantly used in the oil and gas and petrochemical sector. The high-performance solenoid valve that has been designed for use in extremely demanding applications in offshore, chemical and refinery applications. The valve is used in numerous hazardous area locations around the world.

ICO3S features

  • 3/2 or 5/2-way direct acting poppet valve
  • Stainless steel body & coil housing
  • 12 Bar Max. inlet pressure
  • ATEX EEx as standard
  • Wide range of voltages available
  • Ultimate reliability
    Maxseal ICO3S solenoid valve

Maxseal ICO2S

The Maxseal ICO2S is a very high specification intrinsically safe Pilot Assisted Solenoid Operated Poppet valve. The valve provides ultimate reliability, with little maintenance required. This pilot assisted valve can control either pneumatically or hydraulically actuated systems. The ICO2S os a long life valve in hazardous area applications.

ICO2S Features

  • 2/2, 3/2 or 5/2 function pilot assisted solenoid operated poppet valve
  • Stainless steel body & coil housing
  • 12 VDC via an energy limiting barrier
  • ATEX Ex as standard
  • Flanged variants available on request
  • Safety integrity level 1 and 2

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