05 Jan 21
Chemical processing applications present specific challenges in terms of the equipment used within the processing plant; they must be manufactured from materials that will not damage or harm the end product, and also comply with industry regulations. We take a look at which chemical resistant valves are most commonly used in these industries and why they are so popular. Why are chemical resistant..

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15 Dec 20
Both diaphragm valves and globe valves are used to control the flow of liquids through a pipeline. Each has both advantages and disadvantages, particularly when looking at chemical resistant valves for use with the types of aggressive media that might be found in chemical processing applications. We take a look at both diaphragm and globe valves, consider their differences and offer some guidance on..

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31 Oct 20
Not only does the pharmaceutical industry handle hazardous chemicals for use in its products, but its cleaning processes use very high temperatures and the media used during these clean-downs can be extremely corrosive. The chemical industry handles different, but equally as challenging, fluids in it processing plants. Solenoid valves are an ideal solution for fluid control in industries like these..

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30 Sep 20
Subsea valves are used in equipment in an offshore environment, usually in pipelines but always to isolate or control the flow of a liquid or gas. Subsea valves are most commonly found in the oil and gas industries, and because of their working environment must be subjected to extremely thorough testing to ensure that they meet the very high safety and reliability standards set by those industries...

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15 Sep 20
Subsea and marine environments are some of the toughest on the planet; extremes in pressure, potential degradation through saltwater and ozone, and the erosive and hazardous chemicals often dealt with in such industries ensures that any product put to use has tough demands placed upon it. We explore in more depth some of the subsea valve products available from MGA Controls that have been specifically..
03 Sep 20
Developed with a two-fold purpose, redundant valve manifolds are now critical features in industries such as oil and gas, and in petrochemical processing plants. RVM systems were designed firstly to facilitate uptime, ensuring that even in the event of a valve failure the process continues to run. Secondly, the redundant valve manifold is part of a safety instrumentation system; an RVM ensures that..

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20 Aug 20
Manufacturers and processing plants are increasing their levels of automation, and with that comes a demand for greater control, accuracy of positioning and repeatability. There is also now the requirement to move loads over longer distances quickly whilst maintaining the level of accuracy offered by electromechanical actuators. The solution to all these demands? Electric rodless actuators. The new..

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20 Aug 20
The offshore and subsea industry requires a wide variety of control and instrumentation devices that are capable of standing up to a challenge. Within offshore or subsea application valves and instrumentation devices must be able to stand up to harsh chemicals, and abrasive liquids and gases, particularly when used within a pipeline setting. Due to the harsh and abrasive nature of the media being handled..

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10 Aug 20
Here at MGA Controls, we are experts when it comes to the range of industrial control and instrumentation devices. Our expertise spans a wide range of industrial applications and environments, including the oil and gas industry. Read on to learn about the 5 most commonly used control valves within oil and gas applications and why MGA Controls are one of the leading oil and gas valve suppliers. Why..

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13 Jan 20
As expert manufacturers of ball valves and flow measurement applications, AVCO ball valves are used within a wide variety of industries ranging from oil and gas and petroleum to food and beverage production. Most recently, AVCO embarked on a very unique project within the aerospace sector – supplying their trademark ball valves to help propel NASA. NASA’s Project Morpheus required valves..

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