04 Sep 17
Pressure relief valves are a type of safety valve that are commonly used to protect a system and the people operating it. Whereas pressure regulators take incoming line pressure and regulates it down to the pressure that is required by the downstream system. Pressure Regulators can be used for reasons of safety and/or cost. Both of these valves are very important to its specific application. In this..

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01 Sep 17
Norgren UK are a leading pneumatic cylinder manufacturer. They produce products including Pneumatic Cylinders, Process Valves and Air service equipment. The IMI Norgren Group also includes brands such as Buschjost, Herion and Watson Smith. And provides the market-place with a “one-stop shop” for all pneumatic valves and controls. MGA Controls are proud to be official Norgren UK distributors...

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01 Sep 17
The purpose of a pressure relief valve is to control or limit surges of pressure within pipelines, acting as protection for the system, and defending against instrument or equipment failure. They are usually present in clean water industries. MGA Controls are experts in the specification and supply of Pressure Relief Valves for a wide range of industries and applications. Read on to find out more..

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31 Aug 17
Rodless pneumatic cylinders are designed to provide power and motion while supporting a heavy load. Due to their compact design, they are used for space saving purposes and are most commonly utilised in linear automation systems in order to move position in a horizontal direction. They are exceptionally stress- resistant allowing for a range of possible rodless cylinder uses, including synchronised..

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07 Aug 17
Most people don’t realise the importance and extensity of shut off valves. They are a common application used in homes and businesses across the whole of the UK. They are designed for the safe management of liquids, gases and air for use in many hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation and aerospace applications. Therefore, understanding their uses and choosing the correct shut off valve for your application..

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20 Jul 17
Air preparation equipment is designed to provide a quality air supply to compressed air systems that will promote reliable operation and increased efficiency. This entails the removal of particles or contamination from the air stream, such as water, and the control of pressure to minimise energy wastage. MGA Controls supply an array of air prep accessories that assist the air preparation equipment..

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19 Jul 17
Choosing the right pneumatic filter for your application isn’t always easy, but is extremely important. Contaminated air must be properly filtered before use, otherwise, it can lead to premature wear in valves and cylinders, cause leakages in seals, result in corrosion in piping, and is generally the root cause of faster breakdowns, resulting in higher maintenance and operating costs. As official Norgren..

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18 Jul 17
It is highly important that your application has a compatible, fully functioning filter regulator. When air leaves a compressor it is wet, dirty and hot. This can badly damage and diminish the life of downstream equipment, therefore the air must be filtered and regulated to save time, work and expense. Filters such as the Norgren Excelon or Olympian can provide an application with outstanding water..

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21 Jun 17
Are you looking for a solution for preparing compressed air to control a pneumatic system? At MGA Controls, we have combined FRL boxsets that are the most economical way to control air within a pneumatic compression system. In this blog, we outline the benefits and uses of a FRL unit. FRL Unit Working principle A Combination FRL Boxset does everything that is necessary when preparing compressed air..

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16 Jun 17
Are you looking for a diaphragm valve that has a compact flow design and can have various media types? Here at MGA, we have a wide range of diaphragm valves, from specific application valves to general purpose valves. In this blog, we explain the advantages, features and uses of a diaphragm valve. What is a diaphragm solenoid valve? Diaphragm solenoid valves are available in a range of materials to..

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