24 Apr 17
Check valves are designed to allow media to flow in one direction whilst preventing back flow and minimising the chance of leakage. There are various check valve types and in our latest article, MGA Controls discusses the check valve types and applications. Types of check valves There are six different check valve types, all designed to operated effectively in different applications. Below we offer..
22 Apr 17
Both resilient hinge and lever swing check valves are non-return valve types. They are both used in the water and wastewater industries, in order to prevent back-flow of liquid or gaseous media to protect the pump from damaging water hammer. Here, MGA Controls looks at the difference between a resilient hinge and swing type NRV. Types of check valves Resilient hinge and weight and lever swing are..

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20 Apr 17
MGA Controls are leading suppliers of components for the process and water industries. We have a wide range of stock, including fast closing NRV’s, suitable for use in a wide range of water industries. There are multiple benefits of choosing us as your check valve suppliers, so we’ve outlined the main reasons below. Where to buy a check valve 1. Leading manufacturers At MGA Controls we supply fast..

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18 Apr 17
Val-Matic are leading check valve manufacturers, specialising in water and wastewater applications. Based in Chicago, their products have been used in applications across the globe since 1966. Here, MGA Controls discuss Val-Matic’s check valve selection. Choosing a check valve material Choosing the right material for a check valve depends on the chosen application. Commonly available in brass and..
05 Mar 17
When choosing a pneumatic cylinder, the ideal component for every end user would be one that can save costs, whilst also featuring high performance and low maintenance costs. Here, MGA Controls discuss the IVAC integrated valve, a pneumatic cylinder for saving energy. Powerful pneumatic cylinder from Norgren The integrated valve and actuator control (IVAC) from Norgren combines a linear actuator with..

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04 Mar 17
ISO, otherwise known as the International Organisation for Standardisation, is an independent body that develops common, international standards for businesses around the world to voluntarily adhere to. It works to help both consumers and businesses alike. Here, MGA Controls discuss the ISO standards for pneumatic cylinders and what they mean. What are ISO standards? ISO standards are put in place..

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03 Mar 17
A compact pneumatic cylinder is often used in industrial or process applications where space is limited. In our latest article, MGA Controls discusses compact pneumatic cylinder selection and potential compact pneumatic applications. Compact pneumatic applications Compact pneumatic applications are often where space is precious. A short stroke pneumatic cylinder functions on the same principle as a..

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02 Mar 17
At MGA Controls, we understand the need for durable, hard-wearing pneumatic cylinders for industrial and process applications. In our latest blog, MGA Controls offer an overview of ATEX pneumatic cylinders available to purchase from our online store. Pneumatic cylinder applications Pneumatic cylinders come in a wide array of basic design principles. The uses of a pneumatic cylinder will largely depend..

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02 Feb 17
Buschjost is known throughout the process industry as a market leader for magnetic, process and multimedia valves. Thanks to the company’s technology and innovation, they have been setting quality benchmarks since 1953. Here, we offer an overview of the Buschjost valve catalogue available at MGA Controls and discuss common diaphragm valve features. Buschjost valve catalogue As leading manufacturers,..
01 Feb 17
Bürkert is a leading manufacturer of measurement and control systems, boasting a large portfolio of high quality, German engineered products. Here, MGA Controls discuss the Bürkert valve catalogue, all of which is available to purchase from our online store. What is an angle seat valve? An angle seat piston valve is a pneumatically-controlled valve with a piston actuator. The angle seat valve provides..

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