As experienced stockists of pneumatic cylinders, our latest article explains everything to need to know about pneumatic cylinders, including what pneumatic cylinders are used for and how pneumatic cylinders’ work.

How pneumatic cylinders work

Similar to how an engine works in a car, a pneumatic cylinder works by forcing gas or air into a cylinder, which will move a piston after a certain amount of pressure is reached. The piston is attached to another mechanism that performs the desired function of the machine.

There are two different types of pneumatic cylinders. The first is a single acting cylinder. This cylinder has one valve for air which is used to enter the cylinder which is turn pushes the piston in one direction. The piston is then returned by either a spring device or a load on the piston when air pressure is removed.

The second type of cylinder is called a double acting pneumatic cylinder, which consists of multiple air valves. Once air is forced into the cylinder, similar to a single acting cylinder, it will push the piston in one direction. The air then can be removed through a different valve which creates a vacuum that pulls the piston in the opposite direction.

What pneumatic cylinders are used for

The uses of a pneumatic cylinder depend on the application in which it’s being used. The basic function of a pneumatic cylinder is to generate motion and force from air pressure through an influx of pressurised gas, the specific role of a pneumatic cylinder will depend on the product’s application.
In manufacturing industries, pneumatic cylinders will often be used for opening valves, doors,taking things on or off conveyor belts and lifting heavy objects.

In the automotive industry, pneumatic cylinders have a different role. They’re used in cars and trucks to be used for suspension and brakes.

Manufacturers of pneumatic cylinders

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Where to buy a pneumatic cylinders

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