As expert Maxseal valve suppliers, MGA Controls stock a range of solenoid valves for oil & gas applications. Here, we discuss our Maxseal valves available at MGA, which are perfect for controlling the switching of air, in Oil and Gas applications.

An Introduction to Maxseal solenoid valves for oil and gas

For over 50 years, Maxseal has manufactured durable, stainless steel solenoid valves, specifically for harsh environments, such as offshore Oil & Gas and coastal applications. Offering a reliable and heavy duty component solution, Maxseal’s range of solenoid valves for oil and gas, consist of the ICO4S, ICO2S and ICO3S units.

High Performance Solenoid valves for Oil & Gas Applications

Historically, the Maxseal solenoid range has consisted of the ICO4S EExd direct-acting solenoid valve and the IC02S EExia Pilot-operated solenoid valve. The market leading Maxseal ICO4S solenoid valve is often used for instrument changeover duties and offers the Offshore and Petrochemical industries a uniquely reliable and heavy-duty unit. The range also includes 2 and 5-port configurations, as well as the ICO4N variant for specific applications.

Following the resounding success of the Maxseal IC04, the Compact ICO3S solenoid valve has also recently evolved. The latest IC03S EExd solenoid valve now has a low power consumption of 2W and is available as a remote, or Namur-mounted, direct-acting valve. This alleviates the need for a pilot valve, which is commonly found in most Namur-designed valves and thereby makes the ICO3S EExd a much safer design.

Maxseal ICO3S Range of solenoids

The Maxseal IC03 range is a much more compact and reduced weight unit, specifically geared towards the requirements of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries. The dual-certified solenoid is magnetically fine-tuned to operate a 1/4″ valve at 2W, yet retains the traditional IMI Maxseal generous operating forces and safety margins. The Maxseal ICO3S is typically suited to applications such as emergency shutdown systems (ESD).

Maxseal safety accreditations

All Maxseal solenoid valves are SIL certified and have full ST construction accreditations.
Maxseal valves utilise very high-force return springs as standard, therefore ensuring failsafe operation when required. This feature is coupled with a market-leading coil technology which guards against safe failures / spurious trips.

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