F18 Series - General Purpose High Flow Filter
Prices range from: £239.11£1,532.45 INC. VAT

F18 Series - General Purpose High Flow Filter

The IMI Norgren F18 Series is a General Purpose Filter. It handles pipe sizes from G1.1/2" up to G2" and is a highly efficient water removal filter. It offers a high flow rate, but with a low pressure drop, maximising efficiency in the compressed air system. It comes as standard with the high visibility liquid level indicator, and is available with either manual or automatic drain. It is also compatible with other 18 Series products including the R18 Pilot Operated Pressure Regulator.
  • General Purpose High Flow Filter
  • High Efficiency Water Removal
  • Clearly visible liquid level indicator
  • Minimal Pressure Drop
  • Size Range: G1.1/2″…G2″
  • Manual or Automatic Drain
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 17 Bar
  • Filtration: 5 or 40 Micron
£239.11£1,532.45 INC. VAT
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Products in this series

Product Lead Time Price Quantity
F18-C00-M3DG £1,274.08 INC. VAT
+ -
F18-C00-M1DG £1,532.45 INC. VAT
+ -
F18-C00-A3DG £1,076.65 INC. VAT
+ -
F18-C00-A2DG £1,129.46 INC. VAT
+ -
F18-C00-A1DG £1,079.46 INC. VAT
+ -
F18-B00-M3DG £1,094.90 INC. VAT
+ -
F18-B00-A3DG £1,294.99 INC. VAT
+ -
F18-B00-A2DG £1,355.29 INC. VAT
+ -
F18-B00-A1DG £1,025.68 INC. VAT
+ -
F18-100A £239.11 INC. VAT
+ -