B38 Series - Precision Stainless Steel Filter/Regulator
Price: £1,111.77 Excl. VAT

B38 Series - Precision Stainless Steel Filter/Regulator

The B38-442-A1LA is a stainless steel filter regulator designed specifically for used in corrosive environments. The metallic parts meet NA CE Standard MR-01-75 and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) MR-01- 75 defines requirements for sulphide stress cracking resistant materials used in well-head and other corrosive environments. This stainless steel filter regulator also meets certain requirements of Military Specifications and certain requirements of MIL-S-901C (Navy). The stainless steel filter regulator is formed from synthetic rubber and operates between 0.3…9 Bar.
£1,111.77 Excl. VAT
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