ISO/VDMA Profile Pneumatic Cylinder

PRA/182000 Series – ISO/VDMA Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators


(This product has been replaced by ISOLine)

The PRA/182000 Series ISO/VDMA standard double acting pneumatic actuators from Norgren are high performing, stable and reliable. Available with cylinder diameters ranging from 32mm…125mm and with a maximum stroke length of 3000mm, it is an incredibly versatile range. A wide variation of accessories and mountings are available to compliment the range and ensure it can fit in to any application. Polyurethane seals allow efficient, low friction operation and a long service life.

  • Conforms to ISO 15552; ISO 6431; NFE 49-003-1; VDMA 24 562
  • Port size: G1/8" ...G1/2"
  • Double Acting
  • Secure locking of piston rod in any position
  • Efficient, friction free operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Locks when air is removed
  • Compact, maintenance-free design
  • Cylinder Diameter: 32mm...125 mm
  • Stroke Length: Max. 3000mm
  • Wide range of accessories and mountings available
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G1/2, G1/4, G1/8, G3/8

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Cylinder Bore Diameter

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Products in this series

Product Cylinder Bore Diameter Stroke Length Price Web Exclusive Price Qty
125mm 250mm POA
100mm 500mm POA
125mm 320mm POA
100mm 50mm POA
125mm 200mm POA
125mm 160mm POA
125mm 125mm POA
125mm 100mm POA
125mm 85mm POA
125mm 80mm POA
125mm 50mm POA
125mm 25mm POA
100mm 2000mm POA
100mm 25mm POA
100mm 400mm POA
125mm 400mm POA
100mm 260mm POA
100mm 250mm POA
100mm 200mm POA
100mm 200mm POA
100mm 160mm POA
100mm 125mm POA
100mm 100mm POA
100mm 80mm POA
100mm 320mm POA
125mm 500mm POA
50mm 40mm POA
50mm 25mm POA
40mm 900mm POA
40mm 60mm POA Click here for POA
40mm 110mm POA
40mm 65mm POA
40mm 80mm POA
40mm 100mm POA
50mm 75mm POA
40mm 125mm POA
50mm 50mm POA
50mm 130mm POA
50mm 80mm POA
50mm 100mm POA Click here for POA
50mm 120mm POA
50mm 125mm POA
40mm 150mm POA
50mm 150mm POA
50mm 160mm POA
50mm 170mm POA
50mm 200mm POA
50mm 250mm POA
50mm 320mm POA
50mm 400mm POA
50mm 450mm POA
50mm 500mm POA
40mm 130mm POA
40mm 500mm POA
40mm 160mm POA
40mm 700mm POA
40mm 200mm POA
40mm 25mm POA
40mm 750mm POA
40mm 50mm POA
40mm 620mm POA
40mm 400mm POA
40mm 320mm POA
40mm 250mm POA
40mm 600mm POA
32mm 60mm POA Click here for POA
32mm 500mm POA
32mm 450mm POA
32mm 400mm POA
32mm 25mm POA
32mm 35mm POA
32mm 50mm POA
32mm 65mm POA
32mm 80mm POA
32mm 75mm POA
32mm 100mm POA
32mm 125mm POA
32mm 150mm POA Click here for POA
32mm 160mm POA
32mm 230mm POA
32mm 300mm POA
32mm 250mm POA
32mm 320mm POA
32mm 200mm POA
32mm 700mm POA
63mm 25mm POA
80mm 200mm POA
80mm 800mm POA
80mm 520mm POA Click here for POA
80mm 500mm POA
80mm 400mm POA
80mm 320mm POA
80mm 300mm POA
80mm 250mm POA
80mm 160mm POA
80mm 1200mm POA
80mm 150mm POA
80mm 125mm POA
80mm 100mm POA
80mm 80mm POA
80mm 60mm POA
80mm 50mm POA
80mm 25mm POA
80mm 1000mm POA
63mm 50mm POA
63mm 1300mm POA
63mm 360mm POA
63mm 750mm POA
63mm 700mm POA
63mm 520mm POA
63mm 500mm POA
63mm 460mm POA
63mm 450mm POA
63mm 400mm POA
63mm 320mm POA
63mm 75mm POA
63mm 250mm POA
63mm 200mm POA
63mm 160mm POA
63mm 150mm POA
63mm 125mm POA
63mm 100mm POA
63mm 80mm POA
63mm 850mm POA

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