RM/91000 Series - Single Acting Compact Pneumatic Actuators
Prices range from: £116.00£284.10 INC. VAT

RM/91000 Series - Single Acting Compact Pneumatic Actuators

The RM/91000 Series from IMI Norgren is a single acting short stroke compact actuator with magnetic piston. They can produce a high thrust in just one third of the space of a corresponding ISO/VDMA style cylinder, and are therefore ideal for applications where space is limited. Bore diameters range from 12mm to 63mm, with a maximum stroke of 50mm depending on the cylinder bore. As standard they are supplied 'Sprung-In,' but can be ordered 'Sprung-Out' by using part number RM/193000.
  • One third the basic length of a corresponding ISO/VDMA model
  • Port size: G1/8″, G1/4″, M5
  • Single Acting
  • Magnetic piston
  • Cylinder Diameter: 20mm…63 mm
  • Stroke Length: Max. 50mm
  • Low friction, long life seals
  • Fully non-corrodible specification
£116.00£284.10 INC. VAT
Technical data


Body Material


Operating Pressure

2. . .10 Bar

Operating Temperature

-5. . .80°C


Single acting

Seal Material



G1/4, G1/8, M5

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