Type 8311 - Pressure Transmitter / Switch with integrated display

The Bürkert Type 8311 is an intelligent pressure transmitter/switch and has an extra-large display. It is designed to switch alarms and establish a monitoring system or an On/Off control loop. The parameters can be set using the built in keypad on the display housing and a standard 4...20mA control loop allows the process value to be transmitted to a PLC. Screwed process connections allow easy installation into new or existing pipework.
  • Indication, monitoring, transmitting and continuous or On/Off control in one device.
  • Output signal 4…20 mA, 2-wire for easy transmission of data back to a PLC.
  • Standard screwed process connections for easy integration.
  • Transistor or relay outputs for On/Off control or alarm function.
  • IP65 with connector plug-in.
Technical data


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