Val-matic Quadrosphere

Val-Matic QuadroSphere – Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves


The QuadroSphere® Ball is not a typical ball design. Surfaces of the ball that are non-essential to sealing have been recessed creating additional flow paths. The recessed surfaces provide lipped edges that wipe the seat surfaces clean during opening and closing to avoid particulate build-up. The ball has two sets of seating surfaces to provide shut off in the fully closed position and protect the seats in the fully open position.


Features & Benefits
  • QuadroSphere® Ball - unique contoured ball adds 4 additional flow paths
  • Wear Resistance - reduced ball to seat contact creating up to 70% less wear
  • Low Running Torque - Reduced engagement and friction
  • Self-Cleaning Seats - Four recessed surfaces on the ball provide lipped edges for scraping the seats clean
  • Multiple Flow Paths
  • Protected Seating - seat surfaces are out of the flow path
  • Hardened Ball - ground and polished hard chrome plated stainless steel ball
  • Stem Seals - Double O-ring and Flexible Graphite Packing
  • Injection Fittings - In the event of damage to the seat insert or stem seals, the sealant can be injected to temporarily seal the valve until repairs can be made
  • Meets Standards: API, ASME/ANSI, BS, ISO, MSS and NACE
  • API 6D Monogram
  • Certified to API 607, Fire Test Standard
Product Overview
  • Available in sizes 2 NPS – 24 NPS
  • Available in ASME Classes 150 – 2500
  • Standard Design ASME B16.34/API 6D
  • Superior flow with unique contoured ball design
  • Full port
  • Available with Pneumatic, Electric, Gear or Lever Actuation
  • Ring Master® Seating System Now Available
  • Single piston effect seating (DBB) standard, double piston effect seating (DIB) available
  • Industries: Oil & Gas, Marine, Refining, Geothermal, Power, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Cryogenic & Mining/Steel
  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system
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