Type 8905 Burkert Online Analysis System

Type 8905 – Online Analysis System for Water Quality


Bürkert’s Type 8905 Online Analysis System is a highly innovative modular system for monitoring all important water parameters on one platform. The multichannel, multifunction unit for the Bürkert sensor cubes and electronic modules from the EDIP platform features Bürkert’s efficient device integration platform (EDIP), allowing for high flexibility using modularity in the hardware as well as in the software of the system.

For analysis applications for drinking water and fresh water in industrial processes: Providing the industrial water treatment market with pH, conductivity, and ORP transmitters, controllers, and OEM sensors.

  • Highly innovative solution for measuring multiple parameters in one unit.
  • Prepared for Fieldbus connectivity, remote operation and maintenance.
  • Hot-swapping of additional sensors for ultimate flexibility and control.
  • Different modules can be connected and disconnected during operation and combined for customised applications.
  • Modular sensor and electronic system, allowing up to 6 measurements in one housing and up to 30 analysis Sensor cubes in one büS system.
  • Reduced installation costs and capable of being retrofitted at any time.
  • Compact design of the platform means less space requirements, low energy consumption, less wiring and less maintenance.
  • Flexible communication options - USB, Ethernet and Fieldbus connectivity.
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