Valmatic Swingflex

Swing-Flex – Resilient Hinge Non-Return Valve


The Val-Matic range of Swing-Flex Check Valves boast efficiency, reliability and superior performance through innovative technology and simplicity of design.

Traditional Check Valves use external weights, levers and springs in order to pull the disc down into the flow and reduce the length of the disc stroke so it closes faster. However, this solution results in increased headloss, turbulence and maintenance costs. Furthermore, reverse flow builds up and eventually leads to a slamming check valve and water hammer.

The Swing-Flex Check Valves are Swing Check valves or Non-return valves (NRV’s) and are suited to almost any application such as raw water, wastewater treatment, sea water, irrigation, abrasive slurries, corrosive chemicals, desalinations, fire protection, mining and industrial applications. The Swing-Flex Check valve is now available in WRAS certified materials, meaning the check valve is suitable to potable water or clean water applications.

  • 100% Flow Area
  • Non-Clog Design
  • Non-Slam by Design
  • Positive Shut-Off
  • Only one moving part
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Mechanical Position Indicator optional
  • Back Flush Actuator optional
  • Other options include Rubber Lining and Limit Switches
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