Solenoid Valves

Easier and Faster Installation with “CLICK ON” Buschjost Solenoid Valves

Have you ever experienced having the wrong coil for your solenoid valve, to then find out that the correct coil has a different fitting and so you need to order a completely new solenoid valve? MGA Controls have the answer – with their a range of Norgen...
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The unique features of Buschjost Pressure Operated Solenoid Valves

Buschjost’s Pressure operated valves are Process valves which operate by pressure acting on a piston or diaphragm thus actuating the solenoid causing the valve to open or close. Buschjost’s pressure operated valves are suitable for various media’s...
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Solenoid Valves Vs Ball Valves in Process Control Applications

Article: Solenoid Valves Vs Ball Valves with Spring-return Pneumatic Actuators Applications: Process control applications where media is controlled in isolation Solution: Buschjost 2-way Solenoid Valves Benefits: Easily adjustable switch position Fluid...
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