Are you looking for a diaphragm valve that has a compact flow design and can have various media types? Here at MGA, we have a wide range of diaphragm valves, from specific application valves to general purpose valves. In this blog, we explain the advantages, features and uses of a diaphragm valve.

Uses of a Diaphragm Valve

What is a diaphragm solenoid valve?

Diaphragm solenoid valves are available in a range of materials to suit various industrial applications and process medias. In simple terms, the main purpose of a diaphragm solenoid valve is to control the flow of liquids and gases. Diaphragm solenoid valves have a rubber diaphragm that moves up and down within the body of the valve, causing opening and closing against a hard seat. This causes the state of the valve to change to either an open or closed position.

Advantages of a Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm solenoid valves are a small, yet often crucial, part of process control. Here are some advantages of choosing a diaphragm valve from MGA Controls:

• They are applicable for a wide range environments and applications.
• Various types and materials of diaphragm solenoid valves available.
• The media flowing through the valve acts as a pilot and influences the position of the diaphragm, putting the valve in its most suitable state.
• We have diaphragm solenoid valves that are appropriate for many process media types.
• We have a team of technical experts who are happy to help you choose the perfect valve for your specific application and answer any questions.

Diaphragm type solenoid valve working principle

Most diaphragm solenoid valves are associated with 2-way solenoid valves with a rubber diaphragm that moves up and down. This causes the valve to open or close against a heard seat, thus changing the state of the valve. In direct acting or forced lift solenoid valves, the pressure of the media flowing through the valves acts as a pilot and influences the position of the diaphragm, thus changing the state of the valve.

Contact MGA about Diaphragm Solenoid Valves

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