Quick Exhaust Valves

Used in pneumatic circuits to increase the speed of a cycled system.

Quick exhaust valves are useful components in a pneumatic circuit to increase the speed of a cycled system. They are used in a multitude of industries including oil and gas, offshore, chemical and refinery applications to speed up the process.

There are several different ways in which quick exhaust valves can be used to benefit a system. When a double acting pneumatic cylinder is used fast cycling is often required and is achieved by using one quick exhaust valve in each port of the cylinder to ensure an increase in the speed of the rod in both directions by expelling the air rapidly.
For dual pressure actuation quick exhaust valve and three-way control valve is involved. Under high-pressure conditions, these valves allow for quick extension of the cylinder. They can also be used at lower temperatures to achieve retraction and inevitably save air and increase the pneumatic actuators life.

Also, bi-directional control can be achieved using only a small number of valves. The quick exhaust valve is responsible for the speedy retraction of the cylinder or actuator while eradicating the need for a four-way valve.

MGA Controls Ltd are proud partners of leading manufacturers of quick exhaust valves Maxseal who are now part of the prestigious IMI Critical Engineering group and Bifold a Rotork brand.

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