Val-Matic Foot Valves

Foot Valves Explained
Foot valves are used as a check valve on the foot of a suction line to prevent backflow. Val-Matic have a range of Sure Seal Foot Valves for positive pump prime. Val-Matic Foot Valves provide positive sealing action at varying pressure ranges, without damaging the seal as well as achieving silent operation and low head loss.

Val-Matic Foot Valves are suited to almost any application such as potable water, raw water, wastewater treatment, sea water, irrigation, abrasive slurries, corrosive chemicals, desalinations, fire protection, mining and industrial applications.

Features and Benefits of Sure Seal Foot Valves:

Overview of Val-Matic Sure Seal Foot Valves
Valmatic foot valve
Heavy duty stainless steel screening: provides positive sealing action, silent operation and low head loss.
Flow area 3 to 4 times that of the pipe area: no restrictions at any point through the valve, and minimal head loss across the valve.
Synthetic seating ring: Results in drop tight sealing & zero-leakage.
Fusion bonded epoxy coating: Specialist baked-on interior coatings minimise the build-up of sewage on the inside of the valve – reduces maintenance, clogging and prevents corrosion & abrasion of the valve.
Unique seating design: Gives positive shut-off at all pressure ranges without additional loading on the seal, meaning zero-leakage of valve.
Special design of disc: Reduces water hammer allowing for silent operation.
Stroke and linear closing characteristics: Reduces water hammer allowing for silent operation

How Val-Matic Sure-Seal Foot Valves work

Val-Matic’s Sure Seal Foot Valves have a unique seating design which gives the initial contact with the valve disc and the Buna-N ring, allowing a drip tight seal. Increasing pressure causes the Buna-N ring to compress slightly which causes the disc to make contact with the metal portion of the valve seat which stops any further compression of the Buna-N ring. The Buna-N ring continues to provide drop tight seating during higher pressure ranges without damage from the increased pressure loading.

MGA Controls Ltd are fully trained and committed to the Val-Matic product range. With a long standing partnership, exclusivity in the market-place, and success in specifying Val-Matic’s products into the UK water industry, we have plenty of experience and technical expertise. For any enquiries or technical advice please call our experts on 44 (0) 870 803 2001 or send us an enquiry.

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