Multi-Port Plug Valves

Designed for the throttling and diversion of a range of media.

Multi-Port Plug Valves

Multi-Port Plug Valves are designed for the throttling and diversion of a range of media from clean water to solid laden liquids, sludge, fibrous and abrasive slurries and viscous liquids. The 3 Way and 4 Way port arrangements conform to standard Tee and Cross dimensions and allow for a variety of flow combinations.

The tapered plug with concentric action rotates with standard gears without the need to lift the plug during operation whilst an externally adjustable resilient plug, combined with the tapered seat, assures tight shut-off with low operating torque in the most severe of applications.

Manufactured with 100% port area and painted internally and externally with ‘non-stick’ Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating the chance of clogging is minimised with an assured low headloss across the valve. Cast in lightweight Ductile Iron the valves are smaller, corrosion resistant and have an inherent superior strength. Permanently lubricated, heavy duty T316 Stainless Steel Radial Bearings, designed for long and consistent performance, are protected by the proprietary Grit Guard Shaft Seals assuring an exceptional longevity.

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