Temperature Measurement

Monitoring and regulation of temperature in a variety of applications.

Temperature Measurement

Temperature sensors play an essential role in ensuring efficient and safe operations in a variety of industries. From hygienic and industrial applications to OEMs, the need for accurate temperature measurement is critical. Our Temperature Sensors are designed to meet each customer’s specific requirements, with a wide range of process connections, adapters and accessories available. The sensor elements (Pt100) are available in different precision classes, making temperature sensors extremely reliable and with long service life. The commissioning is easy and fast, and the added value through digital sensor data provides quick response times and a productivity increase due to fast and reliable measurement results.

Allow us to understand your specification and application details to ensure you select the right product for your process. Contact the MGA Controls Sales Team on +44 (0)1704 898980 or email us at sales@mgacontrols.co.uk

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