Oil and gas exploration and associated operations have become increasingly more complex and demanding over the last couple of decades. Pipeline systems, valves, pipeline infrastructure and reliable control systems are now of critical importance throughout this market sector. Any failures in these systems could result in major financial losses, hazardous spills, environmental catastrophes and even as a major threat to health & safety.

Valves and pipeline systems are often required to work under extremely high-temperatures (greater than 1,500 F or 816 C) and high pressures (greater than 25,000 PSIG) and also sometimes in extremely low temperatures like cryogenic (-150 F or -101 C) or cryogenic for LNG (-260 F or -162 C).
Consequently, product quality, material traceability and material certification are of paramount importance to us.

The valves and ancillary products required for these installations need to be durable, strong, resilient, and most of all, extremely reliable. As a consequence we only work with established, high quality manufacturing partners to ensure that we continue to meet the high demands that our customers place upon us.
MGA Controls Ltd has been a successful supplier to this sector for more than 30 years, supplying a wide range of valves and ancillary components to both the onshore and offshore Oil Industry. This includes pressure and temperature gauges, pneumatic and electric actuators, valve manifolds and a wide range of valves, fittings and other parts & components. All relevant material certs will be provided on demand.

Typically our range of valves and material options would be as follows, although we can supply outside of this range.