Poppet Type Solenoid Valves

Designed to provide ultimate reliability and control in almost any process industry application.

Poppet type solenoid valves are available in pneumatic, mechanical or solenoid operation, and due to their design offer virtually zero leakage in their closed position.

Unlike diaphragm type solenoid valves that can fail due to erosion of the elastomers thanks to wear and tear, poppet valves are inherently more reliable thanks to the materials that form the sealing components. In addition to solenoid operated poppet valves, pneumatic poppet valves are also available, where a pilot air supply controls the position of the valve.

3 way poppet valves are often used to act as pilot valves for larger pneumatic components such as pneumatic actuators or cylinders. They offer a higher air flow volume compared with spool valves, and offer a high exhaust capacity for venting pilot air when required.

MGA Controls Ltd are experts in the design and specification of Norgren Poppet Valves, and carry a large variety of their range in stock.
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