Plastic Pressure Relief Valves

Protect equipment and systems from over-pressure and surges.

Plastic Pressure Relief Valves

The purpose of a plastic pressure relief valve is to protect equipment and systems from over-pressure or pressure surges. Plastic relief valves will open to release excess pressure and close once normal conditions are restored. It is important to remember that a plastic pressure reducing valve is a safety feature rather than a process valve and should be treated as such in order to ensure functionality.

Plastic relief valves are able to handle various types of media, including highly corrosive gas or liquids. Available in a range of plastic materials, including superFLO and uPVC, these highly robust valves will improve machinery service life and minimise downtime and maintenance costs. PVC pressure relief valves also have the ability to maintain back pressure in a closed-loop system, in order to make pumps run smoothly.

Durapipe are leading manufacturers of plastic pressure relief valves, developing a range of innovative plastic relief valves for effective machine functionality. Available in a range of sizes, from ½” up to 2” and 16mm up to 63mm, plastic pressure reducing valves are capable of relieving pressure between 0-10bar and allows back pressure between 0-3 bar.

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Frequently asked questions

Durapipe LR plastic pressure relief valve

The LR Valve is an innovative plastic pressure relief valve from Durapipe. It is designed to offer both pressure loading and pressure relief options within one valve body.

This valve is available in both uPVC and SuperFLO material, in size ranges between ½” up to 2” and 16mm up to 63mm.

As a plastic relief valve, this valve has pressure loading capabilities between 0–3bar and pressure relief functions between 0-10bar.

What is a plastic pressure reducing valve?

A plastic pressure reducing valve is used to control pressure in a system. As a safety valve, plastic relief valves work to maintain the functionality of a machine by limiting the amount of pressure in the system which may cause mechanical failure or a safety hazard.

Plastic pressure relief valves are set to open when pressure reaches a predetermined level. Once this level is reached, pressurised fluid will flow from an auxiliary passage out of the system.

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