Pneumatic Valves & Controls

Individual units or combined into valve islands for simplified installation and communication.

Pneumatic Valves & Controls

To get effective use out of the pneumatic cylinders or actuators, use of an appropriate valve system interfaces the pneumatic system with the plant control scheme, such as SCADA. The Valve systems can be combined to perform complicated functions such as, sequential operation of cylinders, interlocking of machine movements, controlling the application of force and ensuring fail-safe operation using discrete logic or integrated controllers.

Valves can be individual units or they can be combined into valve islands for simplified installation and communication using all standard BUS protocols.

All our pneumatic valves can be supplied in various materials such as brass, aluminium and stainless steal, including specialist materials for high temperature’s or for severe operating conditions. We can offer a range of sizes from 1/8″ – 2″, including larger sizes for applications requiring more flow or for moving large cylinders.

MGA Controls offers various accessories such as sandwich regulators, flow regulators, check valves, shuttle valves, silencers, pneumatic timers, pneumatic logic and fittings and tubings.

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