Bourdon Baumer Pressure Gauges

Leading manufacturers of pressure and temperature products in the process instrumentation sector.

Bourdon Baumer are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pressure and temperature products in the process instrumentation sector. Formerly known as Bourdon Haenni, they are a part of the Baumer Group. Their revival of the Bourdon brand is a sign of their renewed commitment to first class customer service, quick availability and expert support. Bearing the name of Eugene Bourdon, the inventor of Bourdon Tube, you can rest assured that there is no better instrument for the job than the original Bourdon Baumer Pressure Gauges.

The full range of Baumer products comprises Pressure, Differential Pressure and Vacuum Gauges, pressure switches and Temperature measurement devices, such as sensors and switches.

MGA Controls Ltd are proud to have been chosen to be part of the Bourdon Baumer revival in the UK. Our technical team are fully trained on their full product range and our expertise in the Process Instrumentation sector ensures we can match the correct Bourdon product to your application.

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Types of Bourdon Baumer Pressure Gauges

Our range of Bourdon Baumerpressure gauges are compatible with gas and liquid media. Depending on application requirements, Baumergauges are manufactured to withstand neutral or aggressive media.

From differential pressure gauges to capsule, contact and absolute pressure gauges, Baumer are leaders in the pressure measurement field, producing different types of gauges to suit all kinds of industries.

Industry specific Bourdon Baumer pressure gauges

As a manufacturer of mechanical and electronic measuring instruments, the Baumer brand is synonymous for highest standards and quality.

Their material selection makes the pressure gauges’ adept at handling harsh environments, performing effectively in the most severe applications.

Suitable for use in industries, including, oil and gas, transportation, EPC and energy, Baumer is also capable of manufacturing products specific to customer requirements.

What is the purpose of an absolute pressure gauge?

Absolute pressure gauges, also referred to as vacuum gauges, use absolute zero as their reference point.

Absolute pressure gauges are used for measuring pressure in an area that has not been influenced by changes in atmospheric pressure. This can include leak testing a completely sealed non-flexible container.

At MGA Controls, we stock a range of Bourdon Baumer absolute pressure gauges, which are designed for use with corrosive process fluids and atmospheres.

Bourdon Baumer pressure gauge materials

As Bourdon Baumer manufacture their solenoid valves for efficient operation in severe applications, their components are produced from only the best materials.

A common pressure gauge material is stainless steel, which is capable of operating in ATEX environments and high temperatures.
Their gauges may also feature double or triple material composition, with some consisting of Monel, Hastelloy and Stainless Steel, increasing corrosive resistance.

For more information about the material composition of Bourdon Baumer pressure gauges, speak to our team of experts today.

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