Rotex is a market-leading manufacturer of fluid control systems, electro-hydraulic actuators and positioners. Rotex combines formidable products and systems with hands-on experience to ensure your processes run safer and smarter. Their advanced manufacturing standards and unrivalled reputation for quality, performance and value make Rotex the preferred choice across many industries.

As a recognised Rotex distributor, MGA Controls has the product-specific expertise and wider process industry experience needed to provide tailor-made product support for your specific application requirements. Whatever your fluid control challenge, we will surely have a Rotex product that meets your performance and operational objectives.

Rotex Automation Distributors

MGA Controls is a leading Rotex distributor in the UK. Our extensive knowledge of the Rotex range of products ensures we can guide you towards the most efficient and reliable fluid control system for your application. As a trusted Rotex distributor, our technical team is on hand to answer all your questions about the entire Rotex product portfolio.

Rotex Products

With a market presence across more than 30 countries, Rotex has been supplying customers in the process industry with innovative technology and customised solutions since 1967. Driven by their motto “engineering for the future”, Rotex sets new standards in process automation that improve operational efficiency and overall performance.

Rotex has designed a highly engineered array of products to meet the fast-paced technological demands of the process industry, including the petrochemical, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and power sectors, to name but a few. From solenoid valves and angle seat valves to electro-hydraulic actuators and positioners, MGA Controls supplies the complete portfolio of Rotex products.

For more information about our wide-ranging selection of products or a quote on any Rotex products, please get in touch with our technical team on +44 (0)1704 898980 or email Alternatively, please contact us using our website contact form.