2 Way Ball Valves

Simple straight-through valve with a single inlet and single outlet port.

2-way ball valve is a simple straight-through valve with a single inlet and single outlet port. The valve takes its name from the rounded ball or closure element that rotates to open and close the valve. The valve will usually be quarter turn activation, which will align the orifice in the ball with the direction of media flow when ‘open’ and blocks it when ‘closed’. The seal and seating materials on 2-way ball valves will vary in accordance with the construction materials, the pressure rating and the process media.

2-way ball valves are of particular use in quick acting, shutoff applications as the quarter turn from ‘open’ to ‘close’ minimises the valve operation time. This short stroke operation also has the added benefit of minimising material wear and tear, thereby reducing media leakage and often presenting a high degree of component reliability. They tend to be durable and perform well after many cycles, often making them preferred to gates and globe valves. However they do lack the resolution of control in throttling applications.

Typical applications for 2-way ball valves would include the on/off control of media flow in uses with gases and/or liquid media. This can include applications with challenging chemicals or gases. However, they are not to be recommended for use with slurries or for applications where the process media can solidify in the cavities around the ball and seats.

2-way ball valves are available in Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and special alloy materials with a range of seat materials including metal, PTFE and other polymeric materials.

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