MGA Controls are proud to be leading Bourdon distributors. Bourdon are the oldest and most prestigious name in Pressure and Temperature measurement. Their range of gauges, switches and transmitters are comprehensive and of the highest quality. For many years, Bourdon have been part of the Baumer Group, who have revived the brand and renewed their place as the number one manufacturer of pressure and temperature instrumentation.

Pressure Gauge Manufacturers

In 1849, French scientist Eugene Bourdon patented his design of the ‘C-Tube’ and thanks to the sensitivity of the measuring tube, the robust design and reliability the Bourdon name has been synonymous with Pressure Measurement ever since. When the patents expired in 1875, many other companies copied the design and began manufacturing their own Pressure Gauges, but the Bourdon name lived on and is still widely used today.

MGA Controls Ltd have a long history with the Baumer Group, and we are delighted to be a partner with Bourdon for their UK relaunch. As Bourdon distributors, our technical team are experts in pressure measurement and are well trained on the full range of Bourdon products. Whether you need a simple Pressure Gauge, or a complicated Temperature Switch for an Explosion Proof application, we can guide you towards the most suitable product for your application.

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We are also constantly investing in our stock levels of Bourdon products and as Bourdon pressure gauge suppliers, we are able to provide the full product range with quick deliveries.

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