Flow Sensors

Flow sensors measure the flow of liquid or gas fluids through a device.

Flow sensors measure the flow of liquid or gas fluids through a device. Volumetric and calorimetric sensors are used for all liquid medias. The precise recording of volume and mass flows are the basis for efficient process control. A high signal quality ensures that the process can be operated at the highest reliability, minimal use of resources, and the lowest possible energy consumption.

MGA Controls Ltd are partners with leading manufacturers of flow sensors Baumer and Bürkert and can offer a bespoke solution using a variety of technologies

The FlexFlow® flow sensor from Baumer is the calorimetric solution for measuring the flow velocity in all aqueous media. Based on its calorimetric measuring process, it offers not only the flow velocity in the measuring tube but also the temperature of the medium as a measured value. With this compact sensor, flow velocities from 0.01 to 4 m/S can be detected with minimum process interference. According to the respective requirements, the flow sensor is available for hygienic or industrial applications

The FlexFlow® flow sensors installed at relevant points of the heat exchanger system determine the current flow and consumption of energy based on the measured flow velocity and the temperature of the medium. This data can be used to not only optimize and monitor the heat exchange but also CIP and SIP processes.

The FlexFlow® was developed to manage the challenges of hygienic and industrial processes with distinction. The design is EHEDG certified. The selected materials comply with the requirements of FDA, EU 1935/2004, 10/2011 and 2023/2006. The housing complies with the same stringent requirements and fulfils IP 69, the highest industry requirements. In addition, the Baumer proTect+ impermeability concept guarantees the impermeability and reliability of the sensors across their entire life cycle. With a temperature range from −25 to 150 °C, the flow sensor is especially suited for Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Process (SIP) tasks.

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