Ball Check Valves

Prevents back flow / reverse flow of liquid in a pipeline.

Ball Check Valves

Ball Check Valves are self-actuated or automatic non return valves where a spherical floating ball is the valve component that prevents back flow / reverse flow of liquid in a pipeline. Forward movement of the media moves the ball into the open position whilst stopping the flow or reverse / back flow of the liquid allows the ball to return to the seat and seal the valve.

The closing of the Ball Check Valve may be assisted by a spring, gravity or simply the reverse flow of the media and the ball can be elastomer coated to improve the seal.

Manufactured in materials including PVC, ABS and Cast Iron, valve sizes range from DN10 to DN250 with threaded, solvent welded or flanged connections. These valves are used on neutral and aggressive gases and liquids, sludges & slurries, wastewater, clean water and even as Air Vacuum Air Valves.

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