Angle Seat Piston Valves

Known for their reliability, precision and accuracy.

Angle seat piston valves, also known as angle seat control valves, are widely used throughout the Process Industry, thanks to their robust design and standard features. MGA Controls has a wide range of air operated angle seat valves, available to purchase from our online store.

Primarily available as a 2/2-way valve, the components of an angle seat piston valve employ a sealing disc, which is sat at the bottom of a small piston, connected to a metal seat. The piston is positioned at an angle to the main ports, hence the name, angle seat piston valve.

Angle seat control valves are known for their reliability, precision and accuracy. The angled design of the piston offers a larger available flow area, meaning the component is suitable for applications where a high rate of flow is required. Air operated angle seat valves are constructed using only the most robust and hard-wearing materials, in order to provide control in higher media temperatures.

Commonly manufactured from brass or stainless steel, their material composition allows angle seat piston valves to be applied in hazardous working environments. Their PTFE sealing components ensure operation in hot water or steam duties, up to 16 bar working pressures.

Commonly operated with a compressed air supply, angle seat control valves can also be fitted with a solenoid pilot valve, such as the Buschjost 84660 Series, which offers the ultimate level of control.

MGA Controls Ltd are proud suppliers of Buschjost and Bürkert angle seat piston valves. Because, as leading angle seat valve manufacturers, their components provide extremely high levels of control. To discuss your requirements in more detail, call the MGA Controls technical team on +44 (0)1704 898980 or email

Frequently asked questions

Function of a 2/2 way angle seat valve

Air operated angle seat valves are designed to work from a controlled compressed air supply, which is utilised to directly control the opening and/or closing function of the component.

An angle seat piston valve can be used with any non-corrosive liquid or gas media, depending on the material composition.

Angle seat control valves with 2/2-way control, means the valve features 2 ports and 2 positions, allowing the valve to function effectively.

Construction of an angle seat piston valve

The majority of air operated angle seat valves are constructed using robust materials which are capable of functioning in a hazardous, ATEX environments such as chemical processing.

The most common sealing materials for angle seat control valves include PTFE and FKM elastomers, providing great resistance to chemicals.

Available in a range of threads, flanges and port sizes, the angle seat piston valve design offers exceptional flow characteristics and reliable control management.

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