Floating Ball Valves

Usually deployed in applications with a low to medium pressure requirement.

Floating Ball Valves are possibly the most common type of ball valve. The term ‘floating’ simply means that the ball is not fixed by a trunnion inside the valve body, but is allowed to float within its seat, thereby providing a wide range of freedom. This freedom of movement allows the upstream line pressure from the process media to press the ‘ball’ back against the downstream seat to help create the seal.

The line pressure is therefore exposed to the entire upstream face of the ball, which is an area similar to the actual pipe size and this facilitates the creation of an effective seal.

Floating Ball valves have a fairly simple structure and a reasonably good sealing performance. They are usually deployed in applications with a low to medium pressure requirement due to the compromise between seating workload and the availability of appropriate seating materials.

They are available in Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and special alloy materials with a range of seat materials including metal, PTFE and other polymeric materials.

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