Val-Matic Check Valves

Fully compliant with UK water industry mechanical engineering specifications.

Val-Matic Check Valves

[row][span col=”6″] The Val-Matic® Valve & Mfg. Corp are the leading manufacturer of Valves for the Water & Wastewater Industry. Based in Chicago, USA, their products have been deployed in applications all over the globe since its incorporation in 1966. Their range of products is comprehensive, but it is the all-encompassing range of Val-Matic Check Valves or Non-Return Valves that taking the UK Water & Wastewater Industry by storm.

The Val-Matic® Check Valve range comprises their Resilient Hinge Non-Return Valves called the Swing-Flex® and Surgebuster®, and a range of other Check Valve products such as the Dual Disc®, Swing Check and Tilted-Disc® Check Valves.

The Swing-Flex® and Surgebuster® Check Valves are fully compliant with UK Water Industry Mechanical Engineering Specifications (WIMES) and come with a 25 Year Warranty on the single moving part in the valve. There is also a Clean Water Version that is manufactured with WRAS Approved Materials.

MGA Controls Ltd are the Exclusive UK Partner to Val-Matic® and are experts in their full range of products. We carry a large range of stock of the full range of Val-Matic® Check Valves, and can provide full engineering consultation services to demonstrate the effectiveness of this innovative range of valves.

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