Pneumatic Filters available in a wide range level, port sizes and the drain assemblies.

Filters are a key component of Air Preparation assemblies and are often the first component the air interfaces with before continuing it’s journey through the system. In order for complex machinery to work effectively, compressed air must be of high quality and completely free of water and other particles.

Pneumatic Filters are available in a wide range of configurations with the level of filtration, the port sizes and the drain assemblies customisable to almost any application. Units are available in aluminium and stainless steel, and can be specified for use in Hazardous Area applications.

MGA Controls Ltd are partners with IMI Norgren, a World leading manufacturer of Pneumatic Filters and other Air Preparation components. Their products are interchangeable and compatible with other components and are also available in pre-assembled Combination Box Sets, or FRL’s.

Please contact the MGA Sales Team on +44 (0)1704 898980 or for more information on our extensive range of Filters.

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