Well Service Air Valves

Designed to protect the pump impellers and mechanical seals.

Well Service Air Valves

The Well Service Air Valves are designed to protect the pump impellers and mechanical seals by regulating surges of air created during pump start-up. Based on the Air Vacuum or Large Orifice Air Valve, Well Service Air Valves are fitted with a full bore, Exhaust Regulator with adjustable outlet port.

By restricting exhausting air flow it provides cushioning of the rising column of water in the well. An unrestricted inlet on the Exhaust Regulator protects the pump from negative pressures during pump shut down through an independent vacuum port.

Constructed in Ductile Iron & Stainless Steel, the Well Service Air Valves are designed to meet the most demanding of flow requirements with ANSI or PN16 flanged valves available up to 12” in Water & Wastewater applications. The unconditional guarantee of the float, 316 Stainless Steel internals, a self-cleaning float guide, a ‘non-stick’ Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating and Stainless Steel fasteners minimises the need for maintenance and provides a consistent and reliable performance.

Please contact the MGA Sales Team on 01704 898980 or sales@mgacontrols.co.uk for more information on our extensive range of Well Service Air Valves.

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