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World leading manufacturers of solenoid valves and pneumatic products.

IMI Norgren are world leading manufacturers of solenoid valves and pneumatic products. Their comprehensive range includes class leading Air Preparation Equipment for Compressed Air Systems. Their Air Preparation Equipment is well known around the globe for being high performance, reliable and versatile.

MGA Controls Ltd are experts in the full range of Norgren products, including their popular ranges of compressed air filters, filter regulators and compressed air regulators. The range of Norgren products for compressed air systems spans sizes from ¼” to 2”, can be specified in Stainless Steel or Aluminium, and can be supplied for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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IMI Norgren Filters

The range of IMI Norgren Filters for use in Compressed Air Systems is extensive, and covers a wide range of sizes and applications. Compressed Air Filters are used to strip the compressed air of debris or unwanted components and is often the first step in the treatment of compressed air.

The IMI Norgren Range of Filters spans General Pupose units such as the F74G Series and the High Flow F18 Series, along with High Performance units such as the F92C Series. Click on the links to browse our product range and buy online.

IMI Norgren Regulators

Compressed Air Regulators are a key component in Air Preparation assemblies, as they ensure the precise pressure of compressed air is delivered to the rest of the system. Regulators can be supplied with or without Pressure Gauges to inform the user of the output pressure. They are commonly controlled by using a knob or T-handle, and can can regulate air pressure down as low as 0.16 bar.

The IMI Norgren Range of Compressed Air Regulators includes the high precision 11-818 Series, the General Purpose R74G Series, and the high performance R92G Series.

IMI Norgren Filter/Regulators

IMI Norgren Filter Regulators are a very popular product in Compressed Air Systems. They are a compressed air filter, and a compressed air regulator in one single unit. This increased efficiency in the system, reduces air loss and takes up less physical space than having two separate units.

The IMI Norgren Range of Filter/Regulators is extensive and includes general purpose units such as the B64G and B68G Series, along with precision aluminium or stainless steel units such as the B38 Series. All of IMI Norgren’s Filter Regulators are suitable for use in Hazardous Area Environments.

IMI Norgren Lubricators

Lubricators are a critical part of Compressed Air Systems in order to maintain the high quality of Compressed Air required to operate machinery and other components. They operate by feeding a stream of special oil into the pre-filtered and regulated compressed air supply, which ensures optimum performance of tools, valves, pumps and other pneumatically operated equipment.

The IMI Norgren range of Lubricators includes the general pupose L64 and L68 Series, and also the High Performance L92 Series.

IMI Norgren Combined FRL Box Sets

IMI Norgren supply a wide range of ‘box-sets’ for use with Compressed Air Systems. As a minimum, they consist of a Filter/Regulator and Lubricator which comes pre-assembled, and ready fitted with Wall Mounting Brackets for easy and quick installation. FRL Box Sets are available with other components such as Pressure Switches, Pressure Relief Valves, Soft Start Valves and Shut-Off Valves, and can be supplied in a range of sizes to suit almost any application.

The IMI Norgren Range of Combined FRL Box Sets spans a range of sizes and materials. The general purpose BL64 Series and the Miniature P1H Series are available in our extensive stock portfolio.

IMI Norgren Accessories

IMI Norgren Air Preparation Equipment can be specified with a wide range of accessories to suit your specific application needs. Some of the accessories available are listed as follows:

  • Pressure Gauges
  • Shut-Off Valves
  • Pressure Switches
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Pneumatic Fittings
  • Pneumatic Tubing

Above are just an example of the accessories that are available from IMI Norgren for Compressed Air Systems. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

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