MGA Controls has been successfully supplying the offshore and subsea industry with valves and associated instrumentation for many decades. We work closely with our key manufacturing partners and have a team of highly trained engineers to also work closely with our customers to help identify the best solutions to their particular needs.

There is no such thing as a “standard” subsea valve. The conditions encountered and the variations across different offshore platforms and wells mean that most off-the-shelf products are now redundant and bespoke designs made from specialist materials are often the requirement. As subsea developments continue, the range of operating temperatures and pressures will continue to expand.

Reliability has become the important watchword for subsea production hardware these days. Each and every component and subcomponent of a subsea production system needs to be able to perform reliably to optimise plant safety and productivity.
Our range of valves for this industry sector would typically include:

  • Subsea Floating Ball valves
  • Subsea Needle valves
  • Subsea check valves
  • Subsea trunnion ball valves
  • Subsea isolation valves
  • Subsea choke valves
  • Subsea Control Valves
  • Subsea gate valves

Alternatively, we often find ourselves developing bespoke products such as those which we recently provided for a ‘well known’ North Sea Oil field project.

Our extensive experience within the industry allowed us to design and manufacture specialist vacuum valves made from Superduplex stainless steel. The valves were fully compliant to API and needed to have complete DNV type approval with third party verification. This process was successfully managed and delivered by our dedicated team of Oil Sector engineers and was delivered to time and to cost.