MGA Control are leading Singer Valve Distributors. For more than 57 years, Singer Valve has been meeting the needs and high standards of the global water industry with the design and manufacturing of automatic control valves. In fact, Singer Valve design and manufacture automatic control valves specifically for the global water industry.

Singer Valve’s pilot operated diaphragm control valves have been installed in virtually every continent in the world. Singer’s control valves are designed and engineered with the problem they are trying to solve in mind. All of Singer Valve’s high quality control valves are unique, patented and innovative.

As official UK Singer Valve distributors, we are fully trained in all of Singer Valve’s portfolio of products. At MGA Controls we can offer all our customers full technical support and assistance, thanks to our experience and expertise in developing solutions to water management problems.

Innovative features of Singer Valve’s Control Valve include anti-cavitation trim; designed to overcome the problem of cavitation damage and Single Rolling Diaphragm technology; designed to manage low-flow situations and significantly reduce water leakage. To obtain an immediate quote, call MGA Controls, official Singer Valve Suppliers on 01704 898980 or