Norgren Proportional Valves

Convert a variable current or voltage signal into a proportional compressed air output.

Norgren proportional valves, otherwise known as I/P or E/P converters, are used to convert a variable current or voltage signal into a proportional compressed air output. Norgren has assembled a wide range of valve types, including the Norgren VP50, VP51 and Norgren VP12. The range of Norgren I/P Converters boast intrinsically safe and ATEX versions, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

At MGA Controls, we are proud to be leading suppliers of Norgren proportional valves. Stocking a wide range of Norgren E/P Converters, including Norgren miniature proportional valves, high pressure valves and even the VP50s. The Norgren VP50s proportional valve series feature fast response time and high flow, meaning their operating principle is suitable for a wide range of industrial uses.[/span][span col=”6″]With over 30 years’ experience of working with high quality brands, such as Norgren, MGA Controls are proud to offer customers the most competitive prices on the market. Our range of Norgren proportional valves come with guaranteed quick delivery, thanks to our extensive stock holding, helping to minimise machinery downtime and increase efficiency.

Our range of Norgren E/P converters are available to purchase from stock, offering a variety of sizes, configuration, price, material or applications specialism. Our high stock levels allow us to offer next day delivery. To obtain an immediate quote, call the MGA Controls technical team on +44 (0)1704 898980 or email

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Types of Norgren Proportional Valves

At MGA Controls, we stock the most popular Norgren proportional valve component range.

  • The VP10 series of Norgren I/P Converters has been manufactured for use in proportional pressure in high pressure environments.
  • The VP50 is a three-way proportional valve manufactured by Norgren, for more intense applications.
  • The VP12 series feature a range of Norgren miniature proportional valves, suitable for zero differential pressures.

Open & Closed Loop Systems

A Norgren proportional valve with an open loop system uses balance and calibration of a device to deliver proportional outputs.

Usually, an open loop system is more commonly used for proportional valves, as there is more flexibility within the valve.

Our range of Norgren proportional valves that feature an open loop system include the VP20 and VP12 series.

Dissimilarly, a closed loop valve provides continuous feedback of actual valve output readings, enabling extreme accuracy.

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