2-Way Eccentric Plug Valves

Designed for pump and flow control, throttling and shut-off service.

2-Way Eccentric Plug Valves are quarter-turn Control Valves designed for pump and flow control, throttling and shut-off service. The Eccentric action rotates the rectangular plug away from the robotically welded, machine ground seat with minimal contact resulting in low operating torques and reduced wear to plug and seat.

Permanently lubricated, heavy duty radial bearings in T316 Stainless Steel (protected from ingress of fine granular contaminants by proprietary ‘Grit Guard’ shaft seals), T316 Stainless Steel & PTFE thrust bearings, a fully encapsulated plug, a heavy duty Nickel seat, non-stick Fusion Bonded Epoxy Internal & External Coating and adjustable V-type packing assures a long life of modulating or isolating duties with minimal maintenance.
2-Way Eccentric Plug Valves are manufactured in Cast Iron or Ductile iron, up to 54” nominal reduced and full ported options with PN6/10/16, ANSI or Table D/E flanges and has maximum working pressure of 16 Bar. Applications can range from handling clean water, wastewater, raw sewage, sludges & slurries, hot air, industrial waste and a variety of media from process and mining applications. Special options include rubber lining for media such as lime slurry and glass lining where Struvite can be a problem. Fully WIMES 8.09i1 compliant and certified to meet BS 5158 where appropriate for the UK water industry.

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