Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges

Used since 1849 illustrating its effectiveness and accuracy.

Bourdon tube pressure gauges are some of the most popular pressure measurement tools, due to their extreme precision. Invented by Eugene Bourdon, this gauge design has been used since 1849, illustrating its effectiveness and accuracy. The bourdon tube is available in a C, helical or spiral design, and forms the basis of most mechanical pressure gauges. The bourdon pressure gauge is both durable and versatile, hence their popularity.

Bourdon type pressure gauges have two main advantages, their repeatability and hysteresis. Repeatability refers to the ability of the Bourdon tube type pressure gauge to accurately and consistently repeat the same measurement in conditions that remain the same while hysteresis measures the effectivity of the gauge in repeating the upscale reading on the down scale cycle. Pressure gauges with the bourdon design are able to measure a range of pressure, including differential, absolute, seal and gauge.

At MGA Controls, we are leading instrumentation and control suppliers, with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. We supply a range of bourdon gauges from various manufacturers in various materials, sizes and pressure measurement types. If you require a pressure gauge of the bourdon type, we can provide the perfect solution for your specific application.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Bourdon tube pressure gauge?

A Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge is the original visual measurement device and consists of a flattened ‘C’ shaped tube called the ‘Bourdon Tube.’ When pressure is applied, the tube reacts by trying to straighten itself. This movement is then translated to a mechanical movement via linkages and the pointer responds by moving around the dial.

Frenchman, Eugene Bourdon invented and patented his bourdon gauge design in 1849 and it is still used widely today thanks to its superior sensitivity, linearity and accuracy. For more information, please click to view our range of Bourdon Pressure Gauges.

Bourdon tube brands

The Bourdon tube has been adopted by many different brands due to their supreme sensitivity and linearity. Below is a list of just some of the brands that stock the Bourdon tube:

  • Bourdon Baumer
  • Wika
  • Ashcroft
  • Stewart Buchanan

Who invented the Bourdon tube brand?

The Bourdon Tube was invented in 1849 by Frenchman Eugene Bourdon.

Eugene Bourdon, Professor of Architectural Design at Glasgow School of Art was influential in the development of architectural thinking and education in Glasgow in the early 20th century.

After patenting the design, the bourdon gauge has retained its name and it has been widely used ever since.

How does a Bourdon tube pressure gauge work?

The bourdon gauge can measure pressure up to 1600 bar and works by using the pressure of the medium acting on the inside of the tube, causing the tube to react, trying to straighten out.

The movement in the non-clamped end of the tube is translated into a mechanical movement through linkages and the pointer moves around the dial, indicating the pressure.

There are three types of Bourdon tube designs:

  • C’ type bourdon tube
  • Spiral type bourdon tube
  • Helical type bourdon tube

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