Electric Actuators

Optimum choice for corrosion resistance or aggressive environments for fail-safe operation.

Electric Actuators

MGA Controls have developed partnerships with key players in the field of Electric Actuators, such as Rotork Controls and Auma. Our technical experts are fully trained in a wide range of actuation products, and are able to offer valuable services such as technical support, installation and commissioning, maintenance and support.

Once we understand the details of your application, we can recommend the most energy efficient, reliable, high performing and cost effective product for the job in hand.

The unique designs and specialist materials make our actuators the optimum choice for corrosion resistance or aggressive environments, for fail-safe operation or emergency shutdown and for increased lifecycles and wearing resistance.

Please contact the MGA Sales Team on +44 (0)1704 898980 or sales@mgacontrols.co.uk for more information on our extensive range of Electric Actuators.

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