Combined FRL Box Sets

Extremely cost efficient and reduce maintenance requirements.

FRL box sets offer the most complete solution when it comes to compressed air applications. Suitable for almost all pneumatic systems, Norgren FRL box sets work to filter the air to ensure it is free from particulates, regulate the pressure in the system and use oil to lubricate, in order to ensure safe and reliable operation of system components.

Combined FRL box sets are the most economical way of ensuring safe system operation. They are extremely cost efficient and reduce maintenance requirements. Norgren FRL box sets are easy to install and come as a pre-assembled package.

A filter, regulator and lubricator is recommended as minimum as part of your combined frl box set, however other options, including shut off valves, pressure switches, pressure relief valves and soft start valves are also available. All units come as standard with wall mounting brackets, allowing for simple installation. Mounting the unit and connecting the inlet and outlet pipes is all that is required. [/span]

FRL box sets are available in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 1.1/2″ and can be specified for use in hazardous environments. MGA Controls Ltd are partners with Norgren, global leaders in Pneumatic and Air Preparation Equipment, and therefore carry a large amount of stock that is available for quick delivery.

For more information about our range of combined FRL box sets, contact our technical team at MGA Controls today. We are on hand to offer further information about our range of products. If you have any queries, contact the team today on 01704 898980 or email and one of our team members will be happy to help.

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Olympian FRL boxset

The Norgren Olympian FRL boxset features a unique plug-in yoke system, with a ¼ turn release mechanism for units each having a built-in safety features to prevent incorrect installation and potentially unsafe removal. This therefore reduces maintenance costs and the cost for replacement parts, saving on both time and money.

The Norgren Olympian also features the biggest protection against contamination and contains an automatic drain valve for safe removal of contaminant.

Excelon FRL boxset

The quick-clamp system on the Norgren Excelon allows units to be quickly and easily removed, without disturbing pipe work. Excelon units benefit from a shorter downtime and save on time, space and money.

The Excelon units are fully assembled and pre-configured, meaning the unit simply needs to be mounted and connected, before it can provide clean, conditioned compressed air.

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