The Food and Beverage Industry is large and extremely diverse and is constantly striving for new ways to produce the food consumers demand at the best possible price.

The industry supply chain encompasses food processing and production, food packaging, distribution and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage production.
At MGA Controls, we stock a wide range of hygienic and sanitary products to meet the very high standards required by the industry in all of these application areas.

Typically our products would be deployed in applications such as temperature regulation, product storage, product dosing and mixing, product filling and batching and product cleaning. Our range of equipment extends from hygienic seals where the he sealing must be strong and should be of high performance material with no leakage and won’t become contaminated. It should also must be made of a material that isn’t affected by Clean-in-Place techniques.

We also supply food & beverage grade butterfly valves, ball valves, double seat valves, safety valves, pumps, thermometers, gauges and heat exchangers.
Our technical staff are industry trained and have a high level of technical expertise and can assist you with most of your technical decision making.