Surge Suppression Air Valves

Designed to provide full vacuum protection for the pipeline.

Surge Suppression Air Valves

Surge Suppression Air Valves or Triple Orifice Air Valves are designed to provide full vacuum protection for the pipeline whilst a slow-closing feature suppresses surge in the pipeline. Based on the Combination Air Valve (Double Orifice) design (with all the associated features), the valve is fitted with an additional exhaust regulator.

Surge-Suppression Air Valve will allow unrestricted large volumes of air to enter the system to give initial pressure equalisation, but will then throttle air leaving the system producing a ‘cushion’ that prevents rapid surges of liquid within the pipework, reducing the effects of water hammer caused by column separation and re-joining. Having an Air Release (Small Orifice) function, the valve will also exhaust accumulated air whilst the system is under pressure helping to maintain pipework efficiencies.

Constructed in a range of materials including Plastic, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron & Stainless Steel (other materials available), the Surge-Suppression or Triple Orifice Air Valves can be designed to operate on most applications and design flow requirements. As part of a Surge Protection package, they can be supplied with NPT, PN16 and ANSI flanges up to through bore Large Orifice sizes up 20” in Single Body or Dual Body designs.

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