Proportional Valves

Used in hazardous area environments, where ultimate reliability is critical.

In applications where you need flexibility to control the output pressure or flow, proportional control is essential. Proportional valves, also known as a as I/P or E/P Converters, are used to convert a variable current or voltage signal into a proportional compressed air output.

Due to their low power usage, proportional solenoids are widely used in hazardous area environments, where ultimate reliability is critical. A major use for proportional valves is to control the domestic gas distribution in the UK Utilities Sector.

MGA Controls Ltd has been working in partnership with leading manufacturers of Proportional Valves and I/P Converters, such as IMI Norgren and Watson Smith. We stock an extensive range of proportional solenoid valves, including digital, open or closed loop and miniature proportional valves. Comprising of Watson Smith and Norgren products, our range of proportional solenoids include the VP12, VP50 and VP51 models.

With 30 years’ experience of working with such high-quality brands, you can be confident that we can offer you the best and most reliable prices on the market. With guaranteed quick delivery, thanks to our extensive stock holding, our proportional valves will help minimise machinery downtime.

We carry a wide selection of proportional solenoids in stock, varying in size, configuration, price, material or application specialism. Our high stock levels allow us to offer next day delivery. To obtain an immediate quote, call the MGA Controls technical team on +44 (0)1704 898980 or email

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Frequently asked questions

What is a proportional solenoid valve?

Proportional valves are complex circuits which allow adjustable flow volumes.

Proportional solenoids provide flow/speed controls and directional control functions in the same valve, eliminating the need for multiple valves.

A proportional solenoid valve is also beneficial in a circuit that requires more than one speed, allowing them to operate efficiently in applications such as machine cycles.

How does a proportional valve work?

Similar to a solenoid valve, a proportional valve operates when a magnetic field is created through the application of a current to a coil.
When applied to a moveable frame, the magnetic force will move the current towards the core. However, in proportional solenoids, the component is shaped so the flow of current is constant.
For more information on proportional solenoid valves, you can download our pdf’s.


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