Plastic Air Valves

Economical solution to priming pumps within the water industry.

Plastic Air Valves

Plastic Air Valves can come in all forms; Air Release, Air Vacuum and combination but are often limited by pressure. The benefits, over metal forms of Air Valves, is their low weight and often their cost, being significantly more economical.

The Plastic Air Vacuum Air Valve is designed around the basis of a Ball Check Valve where a spherical floating ball is the valve component that releases air on filling but once seated prevents the escape of liquid from a pipeline. Mounted in the vertical, often off a pump housing, it remains in position whilst the system is pressurised and does not release accumulated air. Simple to maintain and clean they are an economical solution to priming pumps in Water Industry pumping stations.

The Plastic Combination Air Valves are compact, lightweight and typically have a rolling seat arrangement which can release gases whilst the system is under pressure. Available with up to a DN50 inlet with either BSP or NPT male connections, the valve is designed with a relatively large orifice so large volumes of air can pass during filling and draining of the system.

Manufactured in materials including PVC, ABS, valve sizes typically range from DN10 to DN100 with threaded, solvent welded or flanged connections. These valves are used on neutral and aggressive gases and liquids, sludges & slurries, wastewater and clean water, meeting UK DWI standards.

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