3-Way Solenoid Valves

Versatile instruments used to perform a wide range of functions in process industry applications.

Although 3-way poppet valves and 3-way diaphragm valves are available, 3 port 2-way solenoid valves are most commonly associated with spool valve types.

They operate by using a spool or shuttle which changes its position in the valve body to align a flow path between ports, depending on it’s electrical state. This operation allows 3 port solenoid valves to be used for diverting, mixing, or venting neutral gases or liquids.

3-Way solenoid valves are available in a range of materials, including but not limited to brass and stainless steel, and come in a range of sizes from ¼” to ½”. They are also available with a range of seal materials to suit different media, and are available with certification for use in ATEX or Hazardous Area applications.

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