Actuated Butterfly Valves

Offer many benefits over manual butterfly valves.

MGA Controls Ltd have a technical team with many years industry experience, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of Actuated Butterfly Valves to suit any industry or application. Our range encompasses basic 2-Way Shut Off Concentric Butterfly Valves with a Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator, right through to high performance Double Isolation Triple Offset Butterfly Valves with complex Electric Actuators and everything in between.

Allow us to fully understand your specific application requirements, taking into account the Media, Pressure, Temperature, Required function, Ambient Environment and any other specific conditions, before recommending a perfect Actuated Butterfly Valve Package to suit your budget.

Actuated Butterfly Valves offer many benefits over manual butterfly valves, ranging from synchronised remote control of several devices, integration into a wider PLC and wider operation in remote factory locations.

We carry an extensive range of Butterfly Valves in stock in a range of materials including Ductile/Cast Iron, Bronze and Stainless Steel, and can offer varying connections and designs depending on your application requirements. Our sizes range from ½” all the way up to 96”, ensuring that whatever your requirement, we have the correct valve for you

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